Girls In Panties Evelin and Levitana At The Pool Room

Posted on March 2nd, 2009

Panty sex at the pool table begins

Evelin and Levitana were playing pool, both in very short skirts with their panties showing. Neither of them were really good at it and were blaming the tight skirts for their bad game. To start playing better, they decided to ditch the skirts and start playing in their panties.

After stripping down to their knickers, though, the two girls in panties just decided to goof around instead of actually playing. They were pulling on each other’s blouses and tugging at each other’s panties, almost like they wanted to get into some lesbian panty sex.

Upskirt pics of two sexy girls in panties

At one point, Levitana took the pool stick and put it inside Evelin’s panty, rubbing the slim piece of wood into her pussy. In retaliation, she pulled on Levitana’s thongs and made her pose for a a sexy wedgie panty pic. Not long after, the two girls were touching each other exploringly, getting horny every minute they engage in panty sex.

Both girls in panties can’t keep themselves away from each other’s cunts. Evelin had Levitana pose near the table while she began panty sex with her, tugging at it to reveal her gorgeous cunt and ass and pulling it hard to create some pleasurable friction on her crotch.

Double panty pics from the rear

Apart from having panty sex, both girls in panties loved to pose and they showed us how well they can tease on a number of panty pics. Whether showing off their pussies from beneath their panties or pulling their panties down to show off their butts, you’ll enjoy these two playful girls in panties having a whole lot of fun.

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