Planet Upskirts

Planet Upskirts


Put your space-suits on as we are gonna land on Planet Upskirts! What? You thought this site is about girls in minis and got no space-suit? Ops. But wait! Looks like we are still on Earth, and the “planet” is only a word, making us believe that there is a planet-huge collection of upskirts stuff!

Okay, let’s try to believe…Stop. We don’t believe any gimmicks, esp. related to our upskirt fetish! So, let’s peep inside the Planet Upskirts memzone and check out (by looking up) the mini skirts one by one!


1. Outdoor upskirts – girls in mini skirts and dresses untreasure their panties, pussies and tits in public places (parks, cafes, beaches, streets, yards, cars, etc.).

2. Studio upskirts – babes offer you to look up their skirts while being indoors (welcome to bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and professional studios!).


1. Striking the sexy upskirt poses – from shy and amateur to very flirty and even slutty, such as one-legged (the other leg is lifted), squatted, bent in all directions, wide-legged, back-lying with raised legs.

2. Tits, bellies and pussies uncovering – upskirt posing is so heating that it is hard to stay even in very sexy clothes, right?

3. Flashing in public places – looks like walking in mini skirt adds a bit (or a lot) of exhibitionism and hunger for playing upskirt pranks in public to every (even shy) girl.

4. Upskirt pussy tease – accidental and innocent, purposeful and hot, thru panties and in the nude but only softcore (btw, titty caress is also here).

5. Panty upskirt play – stretching, moving a bit aside, touching slightly, pussy stroking thru them and fingers-under-panties pranks.

6. Girl-girl games – provoking but only softcore a la lesbian hanky-panky (synchronous upskirts with two nude pussies flashing, hugs, naughty skirts lifting, rubbing against each other).

7. Moving up and up – upskirts on the benches, tables, trees, stairs, ladders and barrier walls with breathtaking from below view and close-ups.

8. Skirts fashion show – mini and micro; jean, cotton, satin; frilled, pleated, see-thru; tight and flickering; uniform (maid, secretary, schoolgirl, nurse) and dress skirts.

9. Panties, stockings, high heels parade – clothing fetishists, rejoice!


– 134+ outdoor upskirts photosets, ~ 50 images each

– 110+ home and studio upskirts episodes, ~ 50 photos each

– 133+ indoor and outdoor upskirts movies

Prices and features

– $29.95 / 1 month; $59.95 / 3 months

– regular upskirts updates

– free access to

– your upskirts requests come reality

– no damn hidden charges


It is sad that you have no space-suit…lol. Seriously speaking, the only reason to don’t join Planet Upskirts is the absolute absence of hardcore upskirts videos and photos. Yes, guys and girls, if you are looking for lesbian strapon sex in skirts and upskirts fucking, you should join a site like

A real planet of various locations, all kinds of skirts and panties, flexible girls of various tempers, right upskirt camera angles and closeups, only tease and stripping – there are the reasons why Planet Upskirts is a site you must visit (as a minimum) and study from the main page to the last upskirt episode in its archive (as a maximum).

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